I am an Ethnologist and intercultural coach certified by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität eV (dgikt).

True to my globetrotting spirit, I have lived and worked in different parts of the globe, including Argentina, Mexico, Ghana and Spain. I love the sea, food and I am addicted to Lakritz, special liquorice candies typical of Germany.
I am a teacher of German as a foreign language endorsed by the Goethe Institute. I am fascinated by nature, photography, surfing and rainbows, but what makes me happiest is learning about different cultures, their traditions, rituals and languages.
I currently direct MAPAMUNDI – connecting diversity together with an international team.
After a long day I like to wind down with some yoga and a cup of tea.

Pura vida !


  • I am nomad.
  • I am a Globetrotter.
  • I am an Ethnologist.
  • I am a Surfer.
  • I am a German teacher.
  • I am a Photographer.
  • I am a Chef.
  • I am a Digital Nomad.
  • I am a Daughter.
  • I am a Girlfriend.
  • I am a Friend.
  • I am a Sister.
  • I am an Entrepreneur.
  • I am a Traveler.
  • I am a Collector of unique moments.

I love people, cultures, the sea, food, photos …
I love discovering new realities.
I love freedom.

I believe in diversity and empathy.
I believe in creativity and humor.
I believe in courage and respect.

Different souls live in me.


We are a group of people of different ages, nationalities, cultures and skin colors. Some of us studied academies and have many papers, others learned on the street what life offered us. We learned from different teachers. We are also autodidacts. Young and old, wise and beginners. Girls, farmers, artists, teachers, cooks and journalists. Yes, we have different professions, education, opinions and tastes. But we agree on one thing: curiosity to travel the world and respect for diversity. We are united by an enormous desire to learn more about the cultures that inhabit this planet. We want to continue to grow in the exchange of knowledge and experience.

And this is how the MAPAMUNDI team came into being. If you want to be part of our team or have a proposal of a collaboration, send us your CV via the coordinates (the MAPAMUNDI contact form).