“Embark on a tour of German culture.”

KulTOUR Germany workshop

Feeling overwhelmed by the cultural nuances and complexities of life in Germany? Struggling to navigate the German workplace or build meaningful connections with German colleagues?

Fear not, for KulTOUR’s Germany Intercultural training is your gateway to a seamless integration into German society.

Under the guidance of our experienced ethnologist and intercultural coach, Katharina Held, you will gain a profound understanding of German cultural norms, communication styles and social etiquette.


Course Details

  • Duration: One day workshop
  • Date: Available upon request
  • Modality: In-person or online
  • Group size: Small groups or individual sessions
  • Language: German, English and Spanish

Topics Covered *

  • Living and working in Germany
  • Recognizing and overcoming culture shock
  • Building friendships and social networks
  • Understanding body language, facial expressions, and gestures
  • Interacting with German colleagues and employees

* These are just a few examples of topics that can be covered in the KulTOUR Germany workshop.



Embark on a smooth transition to life in Germany with KulTOUR’s comprehensive intercultural training program.

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