“My workplace is the world!”


MAPAMUNDI specialises in workshops and trainings for individuals, groups, and professional teams around the globe. With methods rooted in intercultural competence, we aim to foster better communication, understanding, and trust between people. We believe in promoting group and individual growth to achieve better results as a team, encouraging innovative thinking to solve problems.

Through our intercultural and diversity training, we aim to bridge the gap between different cultures and promote understanding and acceptance. We strongly believe that by empowering individuals to reach their full potential, we can create a ripple effect that will positively impact society as a whole.

We strive to create value in everything we do and make a positive impact on the lives of those we work with. Whether it’s through our creativity workshops or our community outreach programs, we are committed to making a difference in the world.

With MAPAMUNDI’s Learn German language courses you can build bridges to new realities that will open up new worlds for you.


At our core, we believe that diversity is one of the most important things that make our world a beautiful and interesting place. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations harness the power of diversity and use it to create a better world.

Meet the face behind MAPAMUNDI

Katharina Held Founder at MAPAMUNDI

Katharina Held

As an ethnologist and intercultural coach, I am driven by a passion for exploring different cultures, their traditions, rituals, and languages. My globetrotting spirit has led me to live and work in Argentina, Mexico, Ghana, and Spain, each destination offering a unique cultural tapestry to unravel.

With a certified German as a Foreign Language (DaF) teacher, I am dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding through language education. Nature’s wonders, from the crashing waves of the sea to the vibrant hues of rainbows, inspire me. And yes, I must admit I have an insatiable craving for Lakritz, those distinctive German liquorice candies.

Currently, I am at the helm of MAPAMUNDI, an organization that bridges cultural divides through international collaboration. When the day’s excitement wanes, I find solace in the rhythmic flow of yoga and the warmth of a cup of soothing tea. My life is a continuous journey of cultural immersion, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my love for diversity with others.

“Something that is foreign to me doesn’t scare me, but arouses my curiosity….”


Our team is made up of individuals from different backgrounds, ages, nationalities, cultures, and skin colors. While some of us have academic credentials, others have gained knowledge through life experiences. We’ve learned from a range of teachers and are self-taught in many areas.

Our team includes people from various professions, such as farmers, artists, teachers, cooks, and journalists. Despite our differences in education, opinions, and tastes, we share a curiosity about the world and a deep respect for diversity.

Our desire to explore different cultures brought us together, and we are committed to continuing our learning journey through knowledge and experience sharing.

We are the MAPAMUNDI team, and we welcome new members who share our passion for learning and cultural exchange. If you’re interested in joining our team or collaborating with us, please send your CV at the e-mail below.

Our values

  • Courage: Because the world is there for those who dare to discover it, sometimes you just have to dare to take the leap.
  • Diversity: Our brand is made of this material, because we believe that the richness of the world lies in our differences.
  • Respect: Fundamental to sharing our ideas free of any type of discrimination.
  • Empathy: Connecting through humanity is one of the fundamental traits of our company.
  • Creativity: We value that a simple idea can become a great bridge, especially if we are willing to share it through collaborative work.
  • Humor: The world is full of misunderstandings, but we work to be able to learn from them, and at the same time, laugh together.


Join us on this journey towards a more diverse, inclusive, and compassionate world.

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