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I think the best thing about the intercultural seminar was to get to know people from different parts of the world, ages and with different ways of thinking.
It was beautiful to get a glimpse of their different ways of life.


A few months ago the possibility of expanding my company in Germany came up, and at first I was scared because I didn’t know anything about their culture and language.
I found the WORLD MAP website through those coincidences of life, and they helped me understand what I had to take into account to set up my business in a culture that is undoubtedly very different from mine.


I was always interested in ethnology and the different cultures that inhabit this world. In the Scrapbook workshop I not only had fun but also learned new words and perspectives to analyze the world through art.


I was very interested in learning German, but I wanted to do it in a fun and motivating way. The truth is that with this course I wasn´t wrong and I’m already anxious to know when the second part starts.


Since I entered the MAPAMUNDI website, I felt like I was traveling, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I learned a lot about places that seemed far away, but with which I found many points in common.